About Us

A history of over 20 years

The history of the Muro venture is the story of a friendship, an idea, a passion.

For over 20 years we have been committed to offering our customers specialities that meet the most demanding expectations. The welcome given to our guests is the best business card. We are constantly looking for new solutions to offer recipes of superb taste and quality that are always up with the times.


The Muro was conceived through the ideas and friendship of three Venetian friends: Alberto, Enrico and Giacomo. We decide to combine our diverse experiences to open the Vitae bar in S.Luca in 1998 , known in the city as Wall. The restaurant is a great success and soon becomes one of the points of reference for the Venetian aperitif and the fast lunch for local workers.


The ever increasing demand leads us to combine the first activity with a bar / restaurant in a position that until then was not very popular after sunset: Rialto. We transform a former butcher's shop into what will become one of the pillars of the Venetian Spritz: the Rialto Wall.


We decide to leave the San Luca location and turn to the restaurant trade, inaugurating the San Stae Wall in Campiello Spezier, to offer our regular customers also an alternative to post-aperitif.


The restaurant becomes very popular with Venetians and others, so we decide to duplicate the venture with the Frari Wall, which opens its doors in 2009.


In 2015 we abandon the nocturnal experience, leaving the Rialto Wall to focus solely on catering.


Today Muro San Stae and Muro Frari are much more than two simple restaurants in Venice. They represent essential meeting points for citizens and a way for tourists to feel part of this wonderful city.